Ben & Jerry's Joe Six Pack

Ben & Jerry's Joe Six Pack

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Ben & Jerry's Joe Six Pack - 6 Pints

This package includes six pints of Ben & Jerry's premium ice cream - a combination of their most popular flavors!


1 Pint - Ben & Jerry's  Banana Split Ice Cream - Banana & Strawberry Ice Creams with Walnuts, Fudge Chunks & a Fudge Swirl

1 Pint - Ben & Jerry's  Cherry Garcia Ice Cream - Our euphorically edible tribute to guitarist Jerry Garcia & Grateful Dead fans everywhere, it's the first ice cream named for a rock legend & the most famous of our family of Fan-Suggested flavors.

1 Pint - Ben & Jerry's  Half Baked Ice Cream - Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with Fudge Brownies & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

1 Pint - Ben & Jerry's  Triple Caramel Chunk Ice Cream - Caramel Ice Cream with a Swirl of Caramel & Fudge-Covered Caramel Chunks

1 Pint - Ben & Jerry's  Vanilla Ice Cream

1 Pint - Ben & Jerry's - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - We knew we were onto something big when we made the world's first Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream in 1986. It took us a while to iron out the details, but in 1991 we finally rolled the world's first Dough - in pints - out the door & into ice cream history. 

2 packages of rainbow sprinkles

*This package contains nuts*

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