Christmas Milk 3-Pack Assortment

Christmas Milk 3-Pack Assortment

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Christmas Milk

3 Pints

Ice Cream

Christmas Milk 3-Pack Assortment - 3 Pints

The Original - Our premium, Original French Vanilla Eggnog flavor is smooth and creamy. The Elves have whipped it up to melt in your mouth. A true French vanilla with a “kick” of eggnog flavor. Not too strong – but just enough.

Chocolate Swirl - Using our Original flavor as the base,  we noticed our own elves adding chocolate sauce to it, so we figured why not add it ourselves? A ribbon of chocolate runs throughout our original flavor.

Sea Salt Caramel Swirl - The elves didn't forget lovers of caramel. We took the Original flavor and weaved in a ribbon of creamy sea-salt caramel.  As with all Christmas Milk products, no artificial colors or flavors are added.

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