Froozer Strawbanana Bliss

Froozer Strawbanana Bliss

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6 count box

100% Whole Fruit

Gluten Free

Strawbanana Bliss is a good source of vitamin c, providing 15% of the recommended daily amount in each low calorie serving.
4 ingredients
Grapes, strawberries, bananas, less than 1% guar/acacia (a natural source of fiber)

What the Heck is a “FROOZER”
Froozer is a revolutionary new frozen treat that not only tastes great, but is actually good for you.  Froozer is a ‘grab & go’ frozen snack that is made from 100% Whole fruits and vegetables.  Our proprietary technology maintains & fuses fibers for maximum nutrition & converts frozen fruits and vegetables to a smooth, creamy texture. The result:  a premium product that tastes like soft-serve frozen yogurt and is absolutely superior nutrition for you! 

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