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In 16th century Italy, while the arts flourished, the legendary Florentine court chefs of Catherine de Medici were the first to add milk to natural fruit and wine ices. The result was a smooth and creamy, light and refreshing, intensely-flavored ice cream. It was called "gelato". Gelati-da is an accurate re-creation of THE WORLD'S ORIGINAL ICE CREAM that has been Italy's and Europe's favorite frozen dessert for over 450 years. The flavor system components in our superior quality "gelati" (plural of gelato--meaning many flavors) are imported from centuries-old Italian flavor houses as well as sources in Tahiti, France, Belgium, Germany, Columbia, Canada and the USA. These select ingredients are blended with fresh milk (containing less than 2% milk fat) real sugar, and natural stabilizers and emulsifiers to create the texture and vibrant taste experience that only the finest "world class" ice creams possess. Gelati-da brand gelato rapidly melts in the mouth (exploding with a burst of flavor).
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GelatiDa Coffee Fudge Latte (Pint)
GelatiDa Coffee Fudge Latte (Pint)
Gelati Da
1 Pint