GelatiDa Gelato Party - 72 Single Serve Assortment

GelatiDa Gelato Party - 72 Single Serve Assortment

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72 count

4 oz cups

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An assortment of 72 Single Serve Gelati-Da Gelato Cups.  Makes a great gift or an easy solution for an ice cream party.  The package includes:

24 - Amaretto Chocolate Single Serve Cup - 4 oz.
The classic bolognese amaretto is created with hazelnut, almond, apricot, and cherry in perfect harmony with luscious milk chocolate.
24 - Limoncello Single Serve Cup - 4 oz.
Only the zest of select Sicilian lemons creates a true Italian 'limone' flavor and produces a perfect, creamy smooth (non tart) lemony taste.
24 - Vanilla Marsala Single Serve Cup - 4 oz.
A rare and fruity Tahitian orchid is blended with a special dark vanilla. Next we add just a hint of rich caramel and Marsala (kosher) wine flavor. The result is a most complex, elegant & true vanilla.


"gelati-da is a genuine "old world" re-creation and a delicious and healthier, "new" ice cream taste experience in our unique, "state of the art" package design with a "tamper evident" lid"
GELATI-DA® brand gelato rapidly melts in the mouth (exploding with a burst of intense flavor) then it quickly disappears, leaving one totally refreshed. For all its virtues, GELATI-DA "just happens to be" 98% milk fat free, 1/3 to 1/2 the calories of American regular and full fat ice creams, is very low in cholesterol (no eggs) and low sodium yet, just a 1/2 cup serving provides 15% of the RDA of calcium. What a timely fit for today's active, health/diet-conscious ice cream lover who demands absolutely no sacrifice in taste.
  • 100% All Natural Flavors and Ingredients
  • Kosher Certified (cRc D)
  • 98% milkfat free (1.5 to 4.5 fat grams per svg.)
  • Low Calorie (120 up to 150 cals. per svg).
  • Low Cholesterol (no eggs and only 5 to 10 mg. per svg.)
  • Low sodium (60 mg. per svg.)
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