GoodPop Chocolate Milk (4 Popsicles)

GoodPop Chocolate Milk (4 Popsicles)

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4 Frozen Pops

2.75 fl oz each (120 CAL EACH)

All Natural

Gluten Free
GoodPop - Chocolate Milk Frozen Pops - 4 Pops / 2.75 fl oz each

Chocolate Milk is GoodPop’s reinvention of the classic fudge bar. Using a delicious Fair Trade Certified Organic Cocoa, rBST-free local fresh Texas dairy and a hint of sea salt, these pops are creamy, chocolate goodness. Gluten free, wheat free and is also guilt-free, at only 120 calories.  Perfect as a post-meal treat or any time  you get the craving for chocolate. 

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