GoodPop Hibiscus Mint (4 Popsicles)

GoodPop Hibiscus Mint (4 Popsicles)

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4 Frozen Pops

2.75 fl oz each (70 CAL EACH)

All Natural

Dairy Free / Fat Free
GoodPop - Hibiscus Mint Frozen Pops - 4 Pops / 2.75 fl oz each

GoodPop’s famous Hibiscus Mint is made in micro-batches with steeped dried hibiscus flowers, fresh local mint and fresh lime juice. Vegan, gluten free, dairy free and guilt free, at only 70 calories. Hibiscus Mint is excellent source of Vitamin C and rich in antioxidants and its delicious, unique flavor has been making mouths water in Austin, TX since 2009.

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