HALO TOP Lemon Cake (Pint)

HALO TOP Lemon Cake (Pint)

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Halo Top

All Natural. Light Ice Cream

6 grams protein per serving

60 calories per serving
Halo Top Creamery - Lemon Cake - 1 Pint
Not too sour. Not too sweet. Our Lemon Cake has the perfect amount of zesty freshness and sweet richness. Not surprisingly, we use organic California lemons to achieve that enticing delicate balance. Why did we call it Lemon Cake? Dip into the smooth cheesecake-y texture and you’ll know the answer. Hard to believe that such a yummy ice cream can also be good for you, but it’s true. Low in calories and with almost twice the protein as sugar, our Lemon Cake is the best stuff around.

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