Kenny's Key Lime Pie

Kenny's Key Lime Pie

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Thaw & Serve

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Fresh-Squeezed Key Limes Make all the Difference

Kenny's smooth, cool, creamy and refreshing  key lime pie begins in the warm sun and sea breeze of the tropics. Ripe and juicy key limes are flown in then carefully selected and squeezed fresh by the experts at Kenny’s. We have our fresh dairy products made to order and our rich, moist graham cracker crusts are formed in our own kitchens. Combine the finest ingredients, superior processing and twenty year passion for authentic key lime pie, and you have something truly extraordinary. It’s no wonder our pies are recognized as the “gold standard” of the food industry.

Serving Suggestions

All pies are frozen immediately after making to preserve freshness without additives.  Upon receiving, place in freezer until needed.

            •           Great from the freezer slightly thawed.

            •           For a creamier texture, serve from the refrigerator.

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