Purple Door Salted Caramel (Pint)

Purple Door Salted Caramel (Pint)

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Purple Door

1 Pint

Ice Cream

Super Premium

Salted Caramel - 1 Pint

The perfect balance of smooth, sweet caramel and flaky sea salts coalesce beautifully to make this a top selling flavor. Can't keep it on the shelf and you'll soon understand why.

Ingredients:  cream, milk, sugar, caramel creme (corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sweetened condensed skim milk, water, butter, salt, sodium alginate, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum, natural flavor, sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate), caramel extract, sea salt, pure vanilla extract, mono and diglycerides, natural stabilizers (locust bean gum, guar gum and carrageenan).  Allergen Information:  Free of basic allergens

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