STEVE's Ice Cream Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla (Pint)

STEVE's Ice Cream Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla (Pint)

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Steve's Ice Cream

1 Pint

Super Premium Ice Cream

Nut Free

Gluten Free

Steve's Ice Cream Ice Cream - Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla - 1 Pint

Home Style Vanilla Ice Cream Infused with Intoxicating Small Batch Bourbon

Back in 1973, when we started making small-batch ice cream, there was nothing else like Steve’s. It was a big world with no room for little guys like us, but we had a hunch that customers were hungry for handcrafted ice cream with innovative “mix-ins” like Heath® Bar Crunch. Fortunately for taste buds everywhere, we were right. Our little shop became famous for its legendary lines of passionate fans that formed even during snowstorms, and “mix-ins” have been an ice cream standard ever since.

IINGREDIENTS: Whole Milk, Cream, Organic Sugar, Skim Milk, Kentucky Bourbon, All-Natural Flavors, Guar Gum

Gluten Free & Nut-Free

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