Q: Will my order arrive frozen?

A: Of course.  All of our packages are shipped on dry ice in specially designed cooler boxes.  All of our packages are backed with our guarantee - if there is ever a problem we will happily reship or refund your order.


Q:  My order is a gift.  Will pricing information be sent to the recipient?

A:  No.  All of our orders are sent with 'gift receipts', which include a list of what is inside the package (without price information), and your gift message. 

Q: I would like my package delivered on a specific date.  Is this possible?

A: Yes. During the order process you will be asked for a Requested Arrival Date.  Be sure to read the shipping information to determine which shipping method to select.

Q: How do I determine shipping costs?

A: Place the product you wish to purchase in the shopping cart.  On the shopping cart page there is a place to input the recipient's zip code.  This will show you the shipping costs for the various shipping methods.

Q: Why is my credit card declared "invalid" during checkout? I know it is a working card...

A: The address & zip you enter for billing info must match that of the credit card you are using... in most cases this is the address to which your credit card statements are mailed. Make sure that the credit card you are using is issued to an address in the United States. 


Q: When I try to checkout I can't seem to get to the next step; my computer gets hung up or I get a message that I can't continue...why?

A. Clearing your browser's cache (and perhaps cookies as well) in most cases will solve this problem. Click here to learn how to do this quickly and easily.

Q: What if no one is home to accept the package?

A: All of our ice cream shipments are packed in plenty of dry ice. FedEx is instructed to "leave package without signature".  If no one is available to accept and sign for the package, FedEx leaves it anyway (usually at the recipient's front door).  There is plenty of dry ice to last throughout the day and evening.  In the case of apartments and condos, packages are usually left in the building's receiving area.  All of our packages are marked with "perishable" stickers.

Q: Why don’t you ship outside the United States?

A: The confounding ins and outs of International Shipping are far too complex to get into here, but essentially the shipping process takes too long and the ice cream melts.


Q: I live outside of the US and want to send a gift package to someone in the United States but your website won’t accept my credit card.  What can I do?

A: IceCreamSource also accepts PayPal.  Or you can call or email us and we'll make it happen: 866-858-6380.  info@icecreamsource.com


Q: What is your return policy?

A: We cannot accept returned packages because the ice cream will melt.

Q: Why is shipping ice cream so expensive?

A: Because it requires the additional expense of dry ice and a specially designed cooler box to keep the product frozen.  All of our packages are shipped via FedEx.  Since it doesn't cost much more to ship 10 items (compared to 2 or 3) we recommend ordering more!


Q: How long will the dry ice last?

A: We pack enough dry ice to last through the day it arrives.  Recipients should open packages immediately and place products in their freezer or enjoy them right out of the box!

Q: I placed an order but have not received an email confirmation.

A: Check your spam folder or junk email filter.  Make sure that you input the correct contact information during check-out.

Any additional questions? Contact us at info@icecreamsource.com.